We are broad-based firm with skills in other services such as:

  • Staff Recruitment and Training.
  • Preparation of Operating /Accounting Manual
  • Setting up of the Company’s Accounting System
  • Setting up of Internal Control System
  • Preparation of periodic management accounts including Trial Balance, Profits and Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet and other related schedules.
  • Writing Business Plan and Feasibility Studies Report
  • System Computerization, Implementation and Training.
  • Forensic Accounting, Re-computation of bank charges and interest, also follow up of excess charges repayment with the banks
  • Sourcing of Short Term funds.
  • Business monitoring and control services.
  • Debt recovery exercise.
  • Other professional services or advice that would add value to your business.


The success of any assignment in an organization depends on the caliber of the staff involved in executing such projects. Moreso, methods of handling people and motivating them for higher performance; the role of leadership; investment in training and development, and the choice of Staff Development Programmes are so important that they need not be over-emphasized. We give great attention to all these personnel matters through:

  • Staff recruitment and selection
  • Management training and coaching
  • Function analysis
  • Information and automation management training
  • Packaging of “tailor-made” seminars/workshop on management and financial management and economic development for public enlightenment.


Financial management is the basis of any organization whether profit making or non-profit making, with this in mind, we analyze financial performance and assist our clients to improve their profitability and efficiency. We are particularly involved in the following areas:

  • Financial Feasibility Studies / Project Profiles
  • Financial Management Information
  • Analysis of Revenue, Expenditures and Profits
  • Project Evaluation
  • Upgrading of Financial Performance
  • Cash Planning Management.


An Integrated Project Management that can be provided includes:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Set-Up of Project Team
  • Information Inflow
  • Selection of Design Team
  • Cost Budgeting and Control
  • Time Control
  • Establishment of Project Procedures
  • Contract Management
  • Management and Coordination of the Project Team
  • Quality Control


  • Investment of Surplus Funds
  • Sourcing for Fund as at when required
  • Management of Invested Funds
  • Project Fund Management
  • Credit Control and Credit Policy
  • Preparation of Credit Procedure that is suitable for your organization.
  • Representation of Clients at strategic business meeting
  • Post meeting advisory roles for Clients.