Akinleye Olutayo & Co. can provide your company with all Tax Advisory and compliance services. We are acquainted with both Federal Government and State Government Tax Laws.

Our Tax Services cover the following arrears :

Tax Computation, filling of tax returns to the relevant tax authorities, attending queries raised by tax office, compliance with relevant Tax Laws, payment of tax on behalf of our clients and obtaining Tax Clearance Certificates.


We provide specialized tax planning services with the aim of minimizing the company’s tax exposure and ensuring appropriate capital allowance claim.


We assist clients in the payment of Withholding Tax and give advice on specific issue as at when necessary. We also render Withholding Tax credit administration services.


We assist in filling VAT returns with the tax office on a monthly basis and give advice generally on operations of VAT as at when required.

We provide all aspects of taxation services, ranging from tax planning, management and procurement of tax clearance towards maximizing the available tax benefits in favour of clients, taking cognizance of existing statutory and professional guidelines.

We also specialise on the following Tax Management Services:

  1. Personal Income Tax (includes individuals pay as you earn (PAYE), Sole Traders     and Partnership)
  2. Companies Income Tax
  3. Petroleum Profits Tax
  4. Capital Gains Tax
  5. Capital Transfer Tax.
  6. Withholding Tax Administration
  7. Value Added Tax etc

In each of the areas mentioned above (1 – 4), our goal is to assist our clients to plan avoidance of tax and avoidable tax penalties, compute and agree tax with relevant authorities within the provisions of various tax laws that govern taxation practice in Nigeria.

As a means of doing further legitimate business and comply with various provisions of the tax laws we undertake the following services for our client.

  1. Guidance on how to complete form for Return of Income and claims of allowances.
  1. Collection for onward payment of taxes deducted (e.g PAYE) or due to the Relevant Tax Authorities on monthly basis or as may be agreed from time to time.
  1. Reconcile clients taxes due and paid with the records of the Relevant Tax Authorities, and
  1. Finally obtain Tax Clearance Certificates for the employees (under PAYE) and the company under the Company Income Tax laws.